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Holidays in Italian Switzerland


Switzerland is located in the heart of Middle Europe and borders in the West direct to Austria. It divides in three different zones: the Italian, French and German Switzerland. The multitude and the variety of the kingdom of nature, culture and regions are making this country to a holiday paradise. Here are nearly unlimited possibilities to entertain and to move sportive.
Italian Switzerland combine the Italian Italian speaking regions of Switzerland. It is the home of nearly 350.000 inhabitants, a little less than 1/20 of the Swiss total population. The biggest part of Italian Switzerland is in the Canton Ticino. But also the valleys Puschlav, Misox, Calanca and Misox in Grisons count to this region. In Switzerland is Italian, beside German, French and Retoroman one of the official languages.
In summer is Switzerland because of it’s unbelievable variety of lakes and kingdoms of nature very popular by water rats, sun lovers, nature lovers and wanderers. The lakes are making a wide range of water sport activities possible like diving, surfing, sailing, go boating, paddle, swimming, water skiing, canoe and kayak.
In winter is Switzerland the ideal winter sport paradise for the whole family. A wide range of fantastic skiing resorts with best lift infrastructure and optimal ski run conditions are making a multitude of winter sport activities like skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, making ski tours, sledding, and so on possible. Numerous restaurants and hotels take lovely care of you and provide you a relaxing holiday.

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